Independent Employee-Owned Wholesale Brokerage

"Our mission is to deliver excellence to our clients through an entirely employee-owned independent brokerage experience"
We are the fastest-growing employee-owned wholesale insurance and reinsurance broker. Our independence and specialty focus allows us to deliver industry-leading solutions to our clients. Each member of our team is well-recognized as a technical leader in their unique class of business. Our partner markets include a wide variety of MGAs, Surplus Lines Markets, Domestic and International Reinsurers, as well as admitted local carriers. Our market knowledge is our business, and our people are what makes us different.

Our Story

When we founded Foray, our goal was to establish a pro-employee environment, establishing a team of individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit who share our values and create significant opportunities for equity partnership in our firm. After a successful first phase, we are dramatically expanding this talented and ambitious team of industry leaders with deep market knowledge, determination, and a strong will to win.

Our people are what truly sets us apart. As the fastest growing wholesale brokerage firm in the industry, we are rapidly expanding into new classes of businesses and territories, offering an unmatched independent brokerage experience with a growing national and international footprint.
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Core Specialties

Our expertise can help combine all stock exposures in transit and storage into a single seamless comprehensive policy offering your insured more control and flexibility over their policy for a variety of industries and goods worldwide. Read more
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Cargo & Stock Throughput
Our transportation practice can help you strategically navigate the volatile and ever-changing regulatory environment of the transportation industry. We have a vast portfolio of relationships in the transportation sector and can provide you with unique solutions for your clients’ needs. Read more
Inland Marine is our bread-and-butter specialty. We work with our clients to protect a vast array of specialized equipment and property regardless of industry. From construction to renewable energy or even miscellaneous property such as medical equipment, our team of experienced specialized brokers will help your client protect their valuable assets.Read more
Inland Marine
Marine has been a core discipline since the founding of our company. Our team of brokers have the expertise and long-standing relationship to help you navigate the ever-changing and challenging landscape of Marine Insurance. We utilize the most competitive capacities from both Marine and Traditional P&C markets to yield the best possible combined offerings.Read more
Coming Soon Read more
Personal Lines Cyber
Our team of experts can help identify an array of crucial things to consider when advising an owner or general contractor on a project. Whether it’s liabilities, builders risk, and cargo or FSU solutions, our brokers at Foray can help you tackle hard-to-place construction exposures your clients’ risks face in the field today. Read more
Construction and Contractors Liability
From portraits to diamonds, our team of specialists will scour the market to find the most comprehensive and competitive coverage for your insured. We have long-standing relationships with markets in London and international markets to come up with curated solutions for every unique risk exposure. Read more
Cash-in-transit and Fine Art Species
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