Marine Property & Casualty

Why Foray?
Marine has been a core discipline since the founding of our company. Our team of brokers have the expertise and long-standing relationship to help you navigate the ever-changing and challenging landscape of Marine Insurance. Our property and casualty teams are the only US Based Team who approach Marine from a Traditional Property and Casualty perspective, utilizing the most competitive capacities from both Marine and Traditional P&C markets to yield the best possible combined offerings.

Industry Focuses:

Port Authorities, Terminals, & Logistics
Docks, Wharves, Piers – Including Contractors Equipment
Bluewater and Brownwater Hull, Tug, and Barge Operations, including P&I
Shipyards, Shipbuilders, Ship repair, Stevedores, and Retail Operations
Pleasure Craft Including Yacht Risks of All Sizes and Values

Related Product Offerings:

Cargo & Stock Throughput
Liabilities (Including crew Liability)
Energy (Upstream, Offshore, Downstream, Renewable)
Freight Forwarding and Logistics
Shippers Interest Policies


Contractors Equipment and Real Property on Combined Forms
Unique CAT Capacity for Marine Related Risks
Marine Business Interruption Risks
Global War and Terrorism
Automated / Self – Navigating Vessels
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