Fine Art, Specie, Cash-in-Transit

Our team sources solutions from both USA and London markets through a variety of exclusive and general market facilities. We partner with well-recognized risk management companies, appraisers, and consultants worldwide – as well as offer offshore solutions where applicable.
/ Fine Art, Specie, Cash-in-Transit

Target Risks

Fine Art
  • Collectible Items
  • Dealers and Galleries
  • Artist Studios
  • Auction Houses
  • Armored Car and Other Mediums of Transport Worldwide
  • Vault Risks
General Specie
  • Precious Metals and Mining
  • Traders
  • Vaulting/Safe Deposit Facilities
  • Financial Institutions
Gemstones and Jewelry
  • Pawnshops
  • Any Business That Manufacture or Handle Jewelry
  • Covers Client Possessions While in Your Care

Industries Served

Artist Insurance
Museums and Cultural Institutions
Private Collector Insurances
Wine Collectors
Antique Dealers
And More
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