Cash in Transit, Fine Art & Specie

Our team sources solution from both USA and London markets through a variety of exclusive and general market facilities. We partner with well-recognized risk management companies, appraisers and consultants worldwide – as well as offer offshore solutions where applicable.
/ Specie

All types of Specie risks including

Cash and Coin
Cell Phones and Hi-tech
Computer Chips
Rare Earth
Lottery Tickets

Cash in Transit

Armored Car and other mediums of transport, worldwide.
Vault Risks
Limits up to $15m available for Transit and
$75m for Vault Risks.
Ability to include losses sustained during a prior policy period.
120 Days to provide proof of loss form – twice the industry standard.

Fine Art

Target Insureds:

  • Artist Insurance
  • Museums and Cultural Institutions
  • Exhibitions
  • Private Collector Insurances
Limits up to $500 million available
No standard warranties that would void coverage
Access to world class loss prevention and investigation
Coverage provided for loss of or damage to fine art that is owned by Assureds or for which they are legally liable
Domestic and international shipments covered
Includes items out on loan or on loan to the Assured
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